In The Media - Where to Eat in Canada at Patisserie D'Or Bakery in Oakville, Ontario.

2003 – 2004
Author – Anne Hardy:

The Patisserie D’Or is a real find. It’s cheerful and cheap and they have desserts that one reader said he’d walk from Toronto to Oakville to taste again. They’re open for lunch and the menu is very small. Every day there are 2 quiches (ham, spinach and crab), tuna salad in a baguette, croissants stuffed with ham and cheese. No soup, no salad, no liquor. The chef is in the kitchen, his wife is behind the counter. The sweets are spectacular. Cakes topped with nested shells of chocolate latices and chocolate sticks, intricate folds of meringue. The pies (French apple, almond-pear, apricot) are made with thick, buttery crusts and plenty of filling. They do a lot of take out, but there are half a dozen tables where you can enjoy the atmosphere  – the place is spotless and very neat – as well as the cappuccino.